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We invite you to visit our 4 New Hampshire restaurants: El Centenario, El Mariachi, El Charro and La Catrina.

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Alberto Lira's restaurants

Authentic Cuisine from México

México is world reknowned for its rich coffee and cacoa beans, its cuisine, margaritas and tequilas, its climate, its blue waters and majestic mountains, its hospitality. The Lira family, from Puebla, México, brings their family recipes with their rich flavors to New Hampshire.

Pico de Gallo y Guacamole

Fresh salsas y chips

Los Platos

Authentic Lira family recipes bring Mexico to New Hampshire.

Our Team - Nuestro Equipo

Local NH residents y nuestra familia.

Dominique Vroslav

Head chef - El Centenario

Thomas Jeffersonn

Bartender - La Catrina

Nola Maurin

Manager - El Mariachi

Mira Ladovic

Server - El Charro

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