A Personal Odyssey
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For those unfamiliar with Sowell’s devastation of Political Correctness, these letters offer a sampling and a peek at the human being behind it. For those familiar with his writing this little volume will strengthen their appreciation of his contribution to American intellectual life. In a way, Tom Sowell is the George Orwell of our time.

Jim Michaels, Editor Emeritus, Forbes Magazine

I read everything with Tom Sowell’s name on it, no matter what the subject, and I’m never disappointed. Now we have 40 years of his letters to everyone from Milton Friedman to Vernon Jordan. Lo and behold, they’re every bit as scintillating as you might suspect. His letters are both readable and profound. Tom Sowell is amazing!

Fred Barnes, Executive Editor, The Weekly Standard

A Man of Letters reveals some of the private side of the life and career of one of America’s true scholars. Sowell’s correspondence provides testimony to the real compassion that can only have its roots in hard-minded dispassionate analysis.

Dr. Walter E. Williams, John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics, George Mason University

Dr. Sowell and I are but five months apart in age yet, when I was a little boy, I would not have been allowed to play with him. Ironic, as throughout my adult life I have hung on his every word, believing him to be the brightest man I have ever known. These letters, over a span of forty-seven years, are a treasury of insight and reason. My only complaint is that he chose not to include any from earlier than 1960.

G. Gordon Liddy, Host, “The G. Gordon Liddy Show”, Radio America

Nobody does a better job demonstrating the terrible unintended consequences of laws that were supposed to do good. Sowell's provocative letters offer valuable insights about the man and his ideas.

Jim Powell, author of The Triumph of Liberty and other books